“Why butterflies?  As a child I spent many hours watching caterpillars — anticipating  the beauty of their transformation. This became a calming theme in my life. I’m fortunate my journey has lead me to discover a healing system that enables us to flow into our own transformation and supports healing at every level.”

danamarconDana Marcon is a professional business and life coach, medical and clinical exercise specialist and certified personal trainer. She also works with CFQ Qigong as an instructor and healing practitioner and is involved in research projects for fibromyalgia clinical trials and pain.

Dana has extensive experience presenting workshops, consulting, and has been interviewed and published in news media and magazines on the topic of healthy living and creating a positive life.

Dana sees clients in her office for personal coaching, exercise and rehabilitation, and CFQ Qigong movement and meditation training.

She also offers regular CFQ Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops in Halifax and is available to lead workshops internationally.

Contact Dana and discover yourself.