What is Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ)?


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Dana with Master Yap Soon Yeong

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong, (CFQ) is a complete healing system, founded by Master Yap Soon Yeong, from Penang, Malaysia. It provides a map for people to rescue themselves from the habitual sufferings and stress of thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical and emotional traumas of the past to arrive at physical and emotional well-being. The most important aspect of CFQ Qigong is bring about mind/body connection to facilitate mind-body-spirit harmony. It is a process that enables individuals to reclaim their health and resilience.

CFQ Qigong offers two levels of training:

Level 1 (Dynamic Healing Techniques)

A series of soft gentle movements that bring the mind towards letting go of blockages through body feeling. Connecting to this letting go feature of CFQ Qigong enables individuals to begin their self discovery and healing process. The benefits can often be seen within the first few hours of training.

Level 2 (Meditating on Presence)

A deepening of the understanding and practice of the CFQ Qigong system thus deepening healing effect. The training teaches us how to separate our physical and spiritual world to bring clarity and meaning to our lives. Meditation on Presence allows the practitioner to take a well needed break from the stresses of the thinking mind enabling true rest. It is during this process that a deep letting go can occur to reveal self-nature.

Dana’s story of healing.