Facilitated by Dana Marcon

Based on the book by Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT-M/S Founder, Journal to the Self® Workshop, you’ll discover the writer within you. Through this 6 week series of online workshops, you’ll ignite personal growth, creative expression, and career enhancement.

You’ll experience 16 different journaling techniques:


Does your journal need a jump-start? Take heart! This is the workshop that started a movement in therapeutic writing!

Now, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, you can join with others on the journal journey to gently but powerfully explore the various aspects of your own life, self, and relationships.

You’ll experience and practice the entire “journal toolbox” made famous by the classic book Journal to the Self – facilitated by certified Journal to the Self Instructor.

The famous Journal to the Self® Workshop is being offered online over 6 weekly sessions. Contact Dana to sign-up!

This class meets via an email listserv. All assignments are sent directly to your private email and sharing/ discussion takes place in threaded conversations.

We won’t have a virtual classroom or designated meeting time. You will have a full week to participate in all writing activities and discussions before the next series of techniques, discussion questions and writing prompts arrive