Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness

A void exists between the medical and fitness communities.  In determining appropriate programs, this gap is closed by fitness professionals with advanced training.  These individuals have taken courses that equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with medical concerns and post-rehabilitation clients.

A Medical Exercise Specialist is prepared to develop, progress, and monitor fitness programs for special populations and post-rehab clients. These include clients with: hypertension; diabetes; multiple sclerosis; cerebrovascular accidents; whip lash; pregnancy; chronic low back pain; ACL reconstructions; arthritis; total joint replacements; chronic tendinitis, and bursitis; muscular imbalances; spinal cord injuries; and seniors.

A Medical Exercise Specialist does not in any way attempt to diagnose or treat patients. Working cooperatively with the medical community, the fitness professional is able to develop safe and effective fitness programs. The MES course was designed, in the US, by licensed medical professionals who recognize the need for extended fitness and exercise programs for those individuals with special medical considerations.  The written and practical examinations are based on the eleven competencies identified by medical professionals as an essential knowledge base for fitness professionals working with special medical situations and post-rehabilitation clients.  These competencies include: functional anatomy; vital signs; common medical conditions; medical communications; training principles; injury prevention and care; regional exercise principles; nutrition for special medical situations; and medical history assessment.

Capabilities of a Medical Exercise Specialist:

  • Develops fitness programs based on information provided by the client’s physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or treating professional.
  • Develops the fitness program and forwards it to the physician for comments.
  • Screens new clients to ensure that their exercise regimen is safe and appropriate for their condition.
  • Does not have the capability to evaluate clients for physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Today, more people are becoming exercise enthusiasts. Many of the individuals are physically challenged or have medical conditions.

Since 1995, Dana has offered effective fitness programs for special medical situations. Contact Dana to begin your fitness program with a qualified medical exercise specialist with over 20 years experience.