What is Kaizen Coaching?

Japanese word meaning “continuous improvement” Kaizen Coaching focuses on understanding how the thinking mind works and uses CFQ Qigong as a way to facilitate a release from the ever present control of an individual’s past experiences, traits and tendencies.

By connecting to the bodies resilient nature to improve one’s coping abilities while building up resistance to negative influences (stress, conflict, pain, fear, self-doubt, etc.) individuals can overcome obstacles and realize their potential.

Dana is registered as a Senior Life Strategist Coach and trained by Dr. Phil McGraw’s mentor – Dr. Frank Lawlis. Her practice uses the theories and techniques that are featured in Dr. Phil’s books. Dana is a graduate of Coach University in Colorado.

Corporate or Individual Coaching – Working with you to achieve your goals.

How Do You Want To Live Your Life?

Through personally customized programs, Kaizen coaching helps clients develop heightened levels of awareness and take necessary steps toward fulfilling their goals of personal and/or professional improvement.

“All people have the natural ability to accomplish their goals,” remarks Marcon as she speaks about her practice. “No one is broken and needs fixing  – that’s not what coaching is about. Everyone is already innately equipped with necessary goal-achieving elements, but may need some guidance in bringing out these traits and realizing their own personal excellence.”

Based on the premise that clients can do anything when they understand what blocks them, Dana walks them through individually customized programs, inspiring them to seek and achieve growth and development through letting go.

As a Senior Life Strategist, Dana offers a variety of corporate and personal coaching options through Kaizen.


  • Learn to take positive actions
  • Eliminate blocks that are holding you back
  • Work on what is relevant
  • Work to own yourself  and belong to no one
  • Understand how to unhook from unhealthy thinking habits
  • Discover how to stay on track towards your goals and feel empowered
  • Understand how to live your life with Simplicity

Contact Dana to begin achieving your goals.